Desiree Acholla
Strategic Partner
Equity and Reserach Advisor

With over fifteen years in the nonprofit sector, social impact is a core tenet of Desiree’s professional experience—demonstrated by work in advocacy, public health, financial inclusion, education, and philanthropy in the United States and around the world. She has advised the Davidoff team on initiatives to define and ensure that health equity and racial equity are integral to public health and healthcare transformation. She supports the strategic alignment between the social determinants of health and anti-racist approaches to organizations’ grantmaking, programming, and partnership development. She has conducted extensive qualitative research on public-private partnerships and global health initiatives as well as impact evaluations for international development projects. Desiree has trained with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) on facilitating Prejudice Reduction and Controversial Issue Process workshops for small groups and large organizations, and received the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of South Florida. Desiree earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a specialization in Cultural and Ethnic Diversity from the University of Montana and an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Education Policies for Global Development from the University of Amsterdam, the University of Oslo, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.