Dr. Pauline B. Elwin is a Consultant at Davidoff Strategy. Dr. Elwin is an experienced practitioner with over fifteen years of firsthand experience in government and non-profit organizations. She leads organizations in creating highly effective mission-driven strategies while focusing on diverse cultures. Experiencing leadership at its peak and pitfalls, Dr. Elwin’s curiosity drove her to seek a more theoretical approach to organizational leadership to find solutions to address such gaps while leveraging successful outcomes and goals of any organization.

Dr. Elwin attained a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership/Business & Consulting, holds two Master’s degrees in Applied Leadership Studies and Sociology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology. As a global thought leader and practitioner, Dr. Elwin has presented at several international leadership conferences in Geneva, Switzerland, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Virtual Conference, and Washington, DC.

Dr. Elwin has navigated ways to encourage and enlist women into more leadership positions and advocate for women’s rights and issues in her years working in various government entities. Dr. Elwin was a champion of the Dissertation Warriors, a multifaceted mentorship community for the doctoral women’s network at Northwest University. She is a member of the executive leadership board for Leadership and Peace at the International Leadership Association and a member of the International Leadership Association. Dr. Elwin’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she exudes charisma and drive for leading with change through transformation and has a global passion for transformational leadership.