Team Workshops And Leadership Coaching


Organization Team Workshops and Executive Leadership Coaching

Through collaborative workshops, team leadership trainings and one-on-one executive leadership coaching, Davidoff shares practices they’ve been bringing for over a decade to their national nonprofit, association, corporate, foundation, and municipal clients to develop Mission-Driven, high-performance cultures. Davidoff’s unique approach is informed by the academic principles of transformational leadership including cutting-edge neuroscience and easy-to-apply practices your teams will practice right in the workshop.

Davidoff builds customized training, workshop, and coaching programs using its proprietary Mission-Driven methodology to boost the capability and performance of your people at every level. The result: a truly Mission-Driven culture.

Benefits of aligning your team around mission, vision, and principles:

  • Everyone in the company has a shared sense of what defines the organization’s culture
  • The team shares expectations about what behaviors fit its culture and which do not
  • There is a sense of “One Team” with various departments working together towards a common vision
  • Employees learn social and emotional intelligence skills to better understand themselves, each other, and their clients/members/leadership
  • Each person owns the organization’s success. This creates a high performing culture
  • The team has clarity about how to talk about the organization’s mission, vision, and its brand internally and externally

Workshops and Coaching

  • Mission-Driver Team Workshops
  • Mission-Driver Team Summit
  • Mission-Driver Leadership Team Coaching
  • One-On-One Executive Coaching


Clients Served

Davidoff has delivered well-received training sessions, workshops, and executive coaching to national organizations including:

  • AARP
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Marketing Association
  • Association of Middle Level Educators
  • Chicago Lutheran Education Foundation
  • DuPage Children’s Museum
  • JMT Consulting
  • Planned Parenthood of Chicago
  • Purdue University

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