Enhance Your Influence with More Effective Communication

July 11th, July 15th and July 22nd

Communicating can be complex, especially if you’ve never explored the inner dynamics of yourself and the people with whom you are talking. Whenever you communicate with another person – CEO, customer, teammate, friend, significant other – you are engaging in a complex set of interactions for which most of us have never been trained.  Effective communication requires knowing yourself and being able to be in sync with and relate to the people with whom you are speaking. This is the heart of social and emotional intelligence and is often the difference between those who effectively communicate and those who do not.

Join our Founder and Chief Mission Driver John Davidoff for a dynamic three-part leadership training series focused on becoming a more powerful communicator.

In this training you will learn to:

  • Enhance your self-awareness when you interact with others, moment-by-moment.
  • Become more effective and more fulfilled in your personal and professional life
  • Understand the inner dynamics going on with the other person and learn to be more effective in understanding how to best interact with them.
  • Facilitate your personal and professional development with the Wright Model for Human Growth and Development
  • Learn tools to re-focus yourself when you notice you’re triggered by someone or something someone says, and you lose focus.
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