Conference Strategy, Management, and Marketing


Conference Strategy, Management, and Marketing

Planning a conference is a huge undertaking, with strategy often eclipsed by process and project management. Davidoff’s Mission-Driven approach focuses on the mission of the organization, prioritizing vision over process. We’re regularly brought into organizations who recognize low attendance numbers, decreased revenue, and disengaged attendees are signs of Mission-Challenge in the organization.

Often when we’re invited in, we find that the conference dips are a reflection of the organization’s strategic challenges. We engage in conversations with leadership, board, and staff that help open up larger questions and challenges that Davidoff strategists recognize as part of the Mission-Driven process that serves the whole organization to work through.

Clients who work with Davidoff Strategy see increased attendance, higher engagement, innovative conference models, and transformative experiences. Conference participants leave with a better connection to the organization and its mission. Clients leave re-engaged in the organization’s potential and their connection to customers and members.

Key Davidoff services:

    • Conduct a Mission-Driven assessment of the current conference operations and finances against industry best practices.
    • Develop and field research to understand attendees’ experiences and perceptions.
    • Articulate conference strategy and develop a vision of the conference as a reflection of the organization’s own transformation.
    • Build out short-term, mid-range and longer-term recommendations, timelines and action plans for all key areas: programming, structure, strategic, planning/operations, finances, sponsorship, and marketing.

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