What We Do

Davidoff’s proprietary Mission-Driven™ methodology is informed by best practices in effective strategy, compelling and relevant communications and the academic principles of personal and organizational transformation. Our methodology is research-based, vision-oriented and grounded in achieving actionable results. Our process is highly collaborative and customized to the specific needs of our clients.

Through our Mission-Driven approach, Davidoff transforms organizations and systems, looking at the mechanics of an organization, as well as the psychology of its culture. Download our brochure

Our services include:

    • Strategic planning
      • Business planning
      • Ideal State Action Planning
      • Mission-Driven Marketing™
      • Brand marketing & communications strategies
      • Conference management and marketing
      • Sales management
      • Fundraising and resource development
      • Mission-Driver Institute(™) for team trainings and executive coaching


      Ideal State Action Planning

      At the heart of our Mission-Driven approach is the Ideal State Action Planning (ISAP) process.

The ISAP process comprehensively assesses the present state of a project, brand or organization. Davidoff strategists engage key client stakeholders in open communication, encouraging teams to articulate the current state of the situation being addressed, envision the ideal state, and identify pathways necessary to bridge the gap between present state and ideal state.

This ensures that the problem we are working with our client to address is accurately defined so that the solution is relevant, appropriate, and ultimately, more effective.

An ISAP may incorporate a combination of in-depth, cross-departmental organizational interviews, and one or more facilitated planning sessions with stakeholders, executives and/or staff.

To find out more about Mission-Driven Marketing and Strategy, contact Davidoff.