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About Us

Mission-Driven, Versus Mission-Challenged

Davidoff’s unique Mission-Driven Business Strategy approach is sought by leading national and local associations, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations. Davidoff leads organizations to create both highly effective strategy and high-performing cultures.

The result is clear direction and ownership of the mission throughout the organization, reenergizing leadership, staff, boards, partners, customers, and other stakeholders who want more for themselves and for their organizations.

High Performing, Healthy, Learning Cultures
Organizations that work with Davidoff change the way they approach their work and fundamentally change who they are. They see opportunities, not obstacles. They work together as one team rather than as departments in silos. They approach conflicts rather than avoid them. They are driven by their missions, not challenged by them. They move forward and are accountable to each other and to their customers, clients, members, funders, and partners.

    • We have broad industry expertise. We work with clients from a wide range of categories and cause areas. This broad industry experience gives us a unique perspective on strategy.
    • We are highly trained in transformational leadership and systems thinking. Our lead strategists are deeply skilled in social-emotional intelligence and organizational dynamics. This allows us to see systems and patterns that others may not and identify which patterns may limit the organization’s growth.
    • We ask the tough questions. Part of our mission is to support organizations to become more mission-driven and to increase their impact on the communities they serve. This requires us to challenge our clients and ask the questions that others will not in service of more effective and actionable outcomes.
    • We bring to the table a diverse set of skills. We are strategists, market researchers, communications experts, transformational leaders, and mission-drivers in our own spheres of influence.

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December 17, 2004 at about 4 p.m.
That’s when Davidoff, the company, was founded. The concept of a business grounded in truth, excellence, and reinvention had been percolating in John Davidoff’s mind for a while. After more than 32 years building successful national marketing and advertising programs for blue-chip companies, John longed to create more impactful change. A trusted advisor adamantly urged John to “get out there and help people.” It was that final push John needed to follow his desire to contribute to people, organizations, and to the larger world.

The next day, John took the leap and reached out to his network. In a few months, Davidoff began transforming clients’ organizations with mission-driven business and marketing strategies. Today, John lives his transformational vision through leveraging his expertise and education to create authentic change for leaders, boards and teams.

More than a decade later, Davidoff is still guided by the values that inspired its beginnings. John and his business partner and wife, Jacki, along with the Davidoff team of strategists, created a learning laboratory where they model the style of culture they lead their clients to develop in their own organizations: high performing, high risk, high expectations, and constant growth.

The Davidoff team of strategists employs their proprietary Mission-Driven™ Methodology to enable non-profits, associations, foundations and corporations to identify where they’re stuck and move past what’s holding them back from reaching their potential. It’s a transformative process that recognizes organizations’ (and individuals’) natural tendency to resist change as it threatens their “system” and challenges their assumptions.

Working with Davidoff isn’t like a traditional consulting engagement. The Davidoff team provides strategic guidance and coaching to help executives and teams identify what’s standing in the way of success. The process is tailored for the specific needs of every client.

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