Ideal State Action Planning


Ideal State Action Planning

The key to Davidoff’s Mission-Driven approach is the Ideal State Action Planning (ISAP) process. Davidoff strategists are trained facilitators who lead collaborative teams of executives, boards of directors, staff, and other stakeholders to:

      • Assess the present state of a project, brand or organization
      • Articulate the ideal state
      • Identify organizational barriers and limitations to reach your ideal state, which may involve recognizing threats to growth
      • Develop clear, strategic priorities and pathways to move from the present to the ideal state

Davidoff strategists engage client stakeholders in a variety of open communication workshops. Through a combination of in-depth, cross-departmental organizational interviews, and one or more facilitated planning sessions with executives, staff and boards, Davidoff creates a strategy that is both vision-oriented and serves as an operational roadmap that effectively directs resources, programming and staffing.

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