Strategic Business Planning


Mission-Driven, Not Mission-Challenged

At Davidoff Strategy, we are a team of consultants working to create a world of Mission-Driven organizations.

For 17 years, Davidoff has provided its Mission-Driven Business Strategy methodology to leading associations, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits across healthcare, media, education, transportation, conservation, and other sectors.

Through its proprietary Mission-Driven Strategic Business Planning approach, Davidoff transforms organizations and systems, looking at the mechanics of an organization as well as the psychology of its culture. We ask larger, vision-oriented questions that bring broader perspective. We design processes that challenge the assumptions and patterns of organizations, generating new possibilities and unanticipated pathways.

Davidoff strategists work with leadership and boards in collaborative conversations to voice their organization’s larger vision. The commitment to greater outcomes and systems of accountability to ensure progress often drives results beyond anything expected.

Mission-Driven, Not Mission-Challenged

Organizations that work with Davidoff change the way they approach their work and fundamentally change who they are. They see opportunities, not obstacles. They work together to find solutions, not stalemates. They broach conflicts, rather than avoid them. They are driven by their missions, not challenged by them. They move forward as one organization, rather than in silos. They are accountable for outcomes.

Davidoff’s tools incorporate the academic principles of personal and organizational transformation (Bass & Riggio[1]) to your organization’s growth:

  1. Conduct a Mission-Driven versus Mission-Challenged Assessment
  2. Conduct an Asset Inventory of tangible and intangible assets
  3. Strategize on pathways to leverage these assets with stakeholders and funders
  4. Identify and remove cultural barriers and resistance to growth
  5. Create a growth mindset (Carol Dweck[2]) among leadership, board, and staff
  6. Focus on where the organization fills voids in the marketplace
  7. Train teams to react to problems as opportunities for transformation

To find out more about Mission-Driven Marketing and Strategy, contact Davidoff.

[1] Bass, Bernard M., and Ronald E. Riggio. Transformational Leadership. New York.: Routledge, 2014.

[2] Dweck, Carol S. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: Summary. Place of Publication Not Identified: Ant Hive Media, 2016.