Energy and public utility companies do not tend to be marketing-driven organizations. Often, they are operating in situations in which, whether by virtue of municipal contracts or regulations, competition is limited. Without the need to distinguish themselves from the competition to attract and retain customers, marketing disciplines, such as branding and marketing integration, can sometimes fall to the wayside. As the energy and utility space evolves and opens up to alternative providers, this era is coming to an end. In the face of industry innovation, new competition and higher consumer expectations, the ability to stand firmly on a consumer-centric brand is more important than ever.

Davidoff has been working with a major metropolitan public utility to support the creation of an aspirational brand and compelling messaging designed to respond to customers expectations, position the company as a leader in its industry and build an emotional connection between the company’s activities and the benefits to customers. The refined brand positioning articulates values and personality traits to define the distinct character of the company and take a strong stand around its commitments to customers and stakeholders.

Simultaneously, Davidoff has been working with the company in support of its reputation management initiatives. The outcome of Davidoff’s project is to define a vision for its ideal reputation within the communities it serves and among key stakeholder groups. Improving its reputation has been identified as a critical focus for the future success of the company as it seeks to establish itself as a leader in innovation, customer service, reliability and corporate citizenship.