We believe reflective thinking requires leaders to gather a brain trust of trusted stakeholders (this could be a combination of senior leaders, team members from various departments, board members, partners, advisors, other stakeholders). Convene this group and meet together daily (ideally via video) to ensure decisions are well-informed and that you’ve thought through the implications of decisions on all stakeholders — in the short- and long-term.

Here are six key questions to guide your discussions:

  1. What is the current state of our organization we want to shift from?
  2. What is the ideal state of the organization we want to shift to?
  3. What is currently not working in our organization that we’ve been avoiding?
  4. What are the cultural shifts that would support our organization to operate more effectively?
  5. What are the values and principles around which we can orient to guide our actions and behaviors – internally and externally?
  6. How do these values and principles inform the way we act and interact with each other and the outside world?

To learn more about values and principles for your organization, or to discuss how this relates to your organization, reach out to Jacki Davidoff to set up a 20-minute conversation.